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December 2016



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Dec. 25th, 2016


:; How life goes...

Everything at the start of this year was great. Then it all fell a part and honestly I am so sick of it. I want good things to stay. Though some things that go... need to. Like the fuckboy that used me. It is funny though how easily he was to forget... heh. I finished my second novel months ago. I just need to publish it. I am still working out and getting better.

Life is a struggle right now. But, I am trying. Staying strong.

I will be a best seller and I will have my own doggie daycare.

I will be someone great. I will get out of retail. 

May. 16th, 2016


:; Why hello Livejournal.

I have not been on here in so long... I miss Livejournal. I miss how it was back then... all the little random groups I was in.
I would like to start using this journal again. Though I have a hard time using a real journal sigh..
. I just went through deleting a BUNCH of old post. I will probably delete most of my old post.
They are very angry and embrassing. I was a mad teenager and confused.
Anyway! Life is not where I want it to be of course...

I am still trying to get into shape.
I have published a novel and working on a second one.
I am trying to love myself more.
I am hoping things will get better for my family.
I am scared.
I am worried.
I am lost.

But, I am strong and I keep trying and I HOPE for a good future.
I am trying to save money for my novels and for a doggie daycare someday.
I am building my credit too... life is not horrible but I still suffer from depression time to time...
I am learning though... I also finally have a crush after years of believing I never would.
Doesn't mean anything will come of it though.

I am hoping my novels will become big soon... I want to take better care of me and my family.
Any over and out for now...

Sep. 4th, 2011


:: Who is Ohyoursocool? . NEW.

Here is newer pictures of me. 

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Sep. 10th, 2010


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